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Essential oil originating in far East distilled steamed from its flowers. 100% NATURAL PRODUCT. Use your discount code SIRA10 at Vinca Minor.


I personally use and recommend this organic & local product. Use your discount code SIRA10 at Vinca Minor


Wonderful hormone balancer and effective in postpartum depression. It is also very beneficial for the respiratory system,
relieving bronchial spasms and soothes irritating coughs.
Jasmine’s romantic scent has long been believed to have an aphrodisiac effect. We do know that inhaling jasmine or using
it in aromatherapy massage improves mood and has been reported to increase romantic and positive feelings, as well as energy levels.
The importance of the jasmine in the male reproductive system is linked to his fame that increases the number of sperm.
Their relaxing nature can be responsible for your action renamed in sexual impotence and premature ejaculation, frigidity problems.


Jasmine is most well known for its sought after scent, but what does Jasmine Essential Oil smell like exactly?
Jasmine Oil is described to have a sensuous, warm, exotic, intense and sweet smell. This has made it a widely used essential oil
in the perfume industry since the times of Louis XVI and Cleopatra. As a result of its well loved and softened feminie smell, it is used
to give perfumes a more universal appeal and make them more widely popular. Jasmine Essential Oil was, and still holds a special place
in Hinduism and is known as the “perfume of love”. In China, the beautiful scent of Jasmine was used to make sick rooms more fragrant,
but also because it was believed to clear the air of pollutants. This was before Jasmine Essential Oil was actually found to be antibacterial.
In addition to this, China used and still uses the Jasmine flower in tea by layering its blossom with tea leaves to release its fragrance and soothe.

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