January 26, 2022

STORY BEHIND #savage #soul

SIRA RYF wild heart


Into the Wild

That’s the how my daily yoga practice begun..

7 years ago I was struggling with a existential crisis.
Should I continue as a Fashion Designer or not?

To be honest it wasn’t resonating with me anymore. I was so fed up of this fake and wanna be appearance in the fashion industry.I didn´t meet the right man for me either, I just got enough sweet your experiences leaving an empty taste in my heart. I didn’t know whether to stay in Spain or try again somewhere else… I entered into a sea of doubts. Behind all the layers and the image I was giving to the rest of the world I didn’t know what to expect from life nor who I truly was!

Keeping it Real

That’s the how my daily yoga practice begun. Finding myself in each moment facing my inner thoughts, thoughts emerging into feelings, alone in my inner garden.
My devotion to myself where nothing else mattered.., just my breath and me, and being present with myself, that was my priority.Nowadays I’m thankful to that crisis for cracking me open and allowing the light to  enter and for me shine. Now I understand, as I look back and see that all along I was already blooming, diving within. Finding the best version of myself. Yoga was my daily drop of hope. I was  the one in charge of watering and looking after my inner garden, exploring my inner space, rediscover myself and trying again & again.
Just the of feeling “less worse” after daily practice, was so worth.

After around 7 years of yoga practice, I’m finally beginning to see my life unfolding into a real dream, attracting what I want.
One step at a time, sowing the seeds and watering my inner garden and that’s how new projects, new relationships and new results are blooming.Learning to see with fresh eyes all that is still to unfold.

Seeing with new eyes

My mum always reminded me during the hardest days that I shall see beyond three-dimensional eyes, even before my dreams come true, as they already came true. It’s that hope in you which turns your biggest fantasy into reality.

This is how this small lifestyle collection came to light creating #savage #soul bras made of recycled material. Bras made in Portugal, here where the love of my life found me and now by my side as a Designer after 8 years and fusing it with Yoga, my two passions. As a result of being locked alone at home, during the quarantine, I designed this collection inspired by women who re-invent themselves a thousand times.

Women who live beyond their appearances, aligned with their true essence, listening to their true nature.

Believing in themselves perfect as they are, without changing anything nor anyone, loving and embracing their own femininity. Feminine and feline at the same time, half tiger and half butterfly, this is the way I launched this #conscious #collection, embodying the transformation that we all carry within.


          DON´T TURN OFF YOUR LIGHT JUST TO FIT IN, BREATHE SOFT AND SHINE BRIGHT XX SIRA. Choose your lifestyle bra.                                                                                               

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