May 5, 2022


Introduction to Ashtanga.

Sunday 16 February 2020 • 10h • La Moraleja Californian Yoga • 35€ With Monthly Pass 45€ Outside ashtanigis.

During this Initiation to Ashtanga Workshop we will see a bit about Indian´s ancient pilosophy, study about yamas & niyamas, Ashtanga´s basis and it´s foundation.
We will review each primary serie´s asana, ujjayi breath, bandhas, drishtis, the transitions and your sirsasana. The final postures will be sealed by a pranayama excercise. Followed by Savasana, accompanied by Aromatherapy.

See you there xx Sira

Primary Serie´s study & review.

Primary Serie´s asanas, ujjayi breath, bandhas, drishtis, the transitions. Join me & let´s deepen your sirsasana together.