March 16, 2021

Hip Opener Charity Workshop

Charity Workshop collaborating with Kirira in Kenia.

We will support Kirira with the whole Workshop´s benefit. Kirira is an organization based in Africa since more than 10 years fighting against ablation.

Eventually Saturday 11 September 2021 • 11h - 13h • The Class Madrid • 20€

Hip Opener Workshop to liberate our undigested emotions, embracing your feminity.

Embrace your feminity, support Kirira by opening your hips & accepting your softest and most vulnerable part.

Channeling through Swadhisthana & Mulahdara, your sexual chakra "I desire" as your survivor chakra "I have" to set them free during this very special 90min. Yin class. This especially empowering femenine Workshop, will be followed by 1 hour Yoga Nidra through a cosncious dream, reaching even your unconscious, meditate to heal. Your practice will be accompanied by Aromatherapy in collaboration with Alqvimia ´s sample essence oils to open as well to seal this workshop, embracing your feminity as your most vulnerable you. Charity workshop imparted by Sira. All the collected money will be donated to Kirira Organization in Kenia.

Join me at this very special Charity Worksop at The Class. Let´s support between us women & I hope to see you there xx Sira
Sign up here: The Class Yoga Madrid.