Sira was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, a country that has imbued her with a sense of precision,constant discipline and contact with nature. Even as a young child, the easy-going fashions of Switzerland have always aroused in her the desire to find a formula that could add a touch of sensuality and exoticness.

The first SIRA RYF collection saw the light in 2010 to embody her dream of launching COOL,
WELL THOUGHT OUT COLLECTIONS, with special emphasis on added values, evoking a positive attitude in women, connecting to their personal challenges, their femininity, their feelings and their day-to-day needs.

On July of 2011, Sira opened the doors to her first exclusive shop in Madrid, with an interior design reflecting her concept, where she personally offere advice and individualized tips at the busiest times in the shop, in line with our operational and strategic marketing system of pampering, customizing, and giving a personal touch to real, authentic women.

foto retrato SIRA

Picture by Andrea Santolaya.


• The collection will NOT depend on the conventional system of the FOUR SEASONS,
but will be the result of the teams maturing.

• The fashion show presenting this collection will be dedicated to REAL WOMEN

and the models will be AUTHENTIC women.

as an additional tool at the service of their daily inner life… helping them
to use all their aesthetic potential

• High-quality designer clothing made BY HAND in order to understand

and seduce women: the ADDED VALUE comes from the wearers own personality.

• Their own RAISON D´ÊTRE and EXISTENCE will enhance the garment.

• To understand the needs of the modern woman, needing to TRANSPOSE
in fashion and in herself her need for both internal and external beauty.

• Passive obedience takes us nowhere any more, UNDERSTANDING OUR MISTAKES
leads to innovation and new paths by creating an atmosphere of PROXIMITY.

• Each MEMBER of the team forms PART of the WHOLE.

• The people involved in the team must be fully immersed in the organizations
corporate philosophy, because anything that WORKS INTERNALLY
will end up being reflected EXTERNALLY.

• THE WAY THE TEAM TREATS EACH OTHER is reflected in the way
it treats the CLIENT.

If we don’t know how to do it inside the company, how will we be able
to do it with our clients?